Follow these simple steps to start your Smart Home experience.
We will be here to help you, so if needed please contact us using the support section. Your feedback will help us to improve.

Download and Install the App

Use your Smartphone to download the OZOM App from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play. Search for the keywork "OZOM" to find the App easily.

Install and open the App to create your account.

Create your account

Follow the App instructions to create your personal account. Once your account is succesfully created, you will be ready to install your HUB using the App.

Install your Hub

Click the blue button:

Select the Hub model OZOM Box 2.0 by clicking the button:

And follow these steps:

A. Connect the HUB to your internet router using the provided network cable.

B. Connect the hub to power using the provided charger.

Step 2

Hint: the HUB should be located close to your home Internet router. Before installing please check there is an available power socket in the desired location. Finally, locate the HUB at 2 feet distance from your home router or wireless phones to minimize possible radio interference.

Please wait until the light on the front of the box changes to green. This may take a few minutes.

Step 2

Setting your Hub

Once the Hub's LED is green press "Next" in the App, type in the six digit code located in the label at the bottom of your HUB, and press "Connect".

Assign your Hub a name and location and press "Next"

You are all set. Press "Enter your OZOM Home" and you will be ready to enter the main menu by clicking the button:

In this menu you will have help to connect your devices, set you smart rules, order more devices and connect with our customer service for support.

Congrats and enjoy!