Smart Plug

Hint: Always add your smart devices in the same room you have the OZOM Box. After the device is connected you can move it to its desired location and test range.

Step 1

Hit the button in the Ozom App to set the Ozom Box into search mode.

Step 1

This icon indicates the Hub is search mode for two minutes:

Step 2

Press and hold the small white button on front of the plug. While holding the button, insert the Smart Plug into a wall outlet. As soon as the LED on the front of the plug lights up, release the button.

Step 2

It may take some time (up to a few minutes) before the OZOM App connects with the device. The process is finished once you see the device tile in the App dashboard.

Rename device: Click the gear icon in the device tile and then select the ... icon to access the menu.

Installation: After installing the device in its final position test that it is within the Hub's range. To perform the test use the App to toggle the device. If the device is within range it will toggle.

If the device is out of range move it to a location closer to the Hub.


If adding is not succesful, remove the Smart Plug from the outlet and wait ten seconds. Move to a location closer to your Hub and repeat the adding process.


Rated: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Output: 12A, General Purpose
Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C