LED White - OZOM

Hint: Always add your smart devices in the same room your HUB is installed. After the device is connected you can move it to its desired location and test range.

Step 1

To add an LED install it in the desired lamp with the lamp switched OFF.

Step 1

Step 2

Hit the button in the Ozom App to set the HUB into search mode.

Step 2

Step 3

Turn the switch of your lamp to ON.

If pairing was succesful the LED will blink. It may take some time (up to a few minutes) before the OZOM App connects to the LED and displays a progress bar. The device will be ready when you see its new tile in the dashboard.

Assign the new device a name of your selection and enjoy!

Important: After adding the Smart Bulb, turn the light switch on your lamp or the wall OFF and back ON again once.


If adding is not succesful, the light bulb might need to be reset to its default settings. To reset please switch the lightbulb ON for two seconds and OFF for five seconds, five times in succession. After switching ON again, the lamp flashes shortly once to confirm.

Once the LED is in default setting, try the adding process again, starting from Step 1.