Indoor Pan Tilt 5222L - DLink

Hint: Always add your smart devices in the same room your HUB is installed. After the device is connected you can move it to its desired location and test range.

Specifications for the supported device model
Brand: D-Link
Name: HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera
Model: DSC-5222L
Hardware version: B2
Firmware version: 2.03

Step 1

Plug the camera into a power outlet. Important: Wait two minutes until the light in front of the camera turns solid red and the rotation is finished.

Step 1

Step 2

Hit the button in the Ozom App to set the Ozom Box into search mode.

Step 2

Step 3

Press the WPS button at the side of the camera for 5 seconds until the WPS status LED in front of the camera start blinking in blue color to indicate that the adding process has started.

Step 2

It may take some time (up to a few minutes) before the OZOM App connects to the Camera and displays a progress bar. The device will be ready when you see its new tile in the dashboard.

Assign the new device a name of your selection and enjoy!


If adding is not successful, the camera might need to be reset. Use an unfolded paper clip to press and hold the RESET button at the backside of the camera for 10 seconds while your camera is plugged in. Wait 2 minutes for the camera to restart.

Then try adding the camera again, starting from Step 2.